I created Crooked Calligraphy for those who appreciate a little snarky juxtaposition. Those who know that life ain't all sugar and aren't afraid to be honest about it.

Who am I? I spent my entire life on the straight, "proper" path. I went to Hahhh-vard University, then NYU Law School, then worked my butt off as a corporate attorney for a big law firm.

But, after one too many nights of sleeping under my desk, I decided I wanted to reclaim my life! I quit my job and explored so many creative avenues - knitting, woodworking, drawing, graphic design. But CALLIGRAPHY is what I've fallen in love with.

This path of finding myself has not been easy. It's been rough and CROOKED. I needed plenty of inspiration along the way, but the usual sugary, sincere stuff about beauty and dreams didn't reflect what I was really feeling.

So I created a line of greeting cards and prints that combine pretty calligraphy and dirty curse words - perfect for expressing your true feelings! Every item in my shop is designed and hand-made with love (and a little snark) and nothing makes me happier than a happy customer.

Want something custom-made? Email me at shinah@crookedcalligraphy.com or fill out the form below and let's set some shit up!

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