Crooked Business

My Table at UniqueLA

Setting up my table at UniqueLA was a super awesome experience. The main challenge was cramming all the goodies I wanted to sell onto a 6x3 foot table. But, after the weeks of planning and preparing, it was pretty awesome to see this empty space get filled with creative ideas and energy.

Some things I learned:

- VERTICAL SPACE: Take advantage of ALL your vertical space. I did this with a tall card rack on the left side of the table and a foamboard display of all my prints on the right side

- FRESH CRITIQUE: Ask someone with a fresh eye to critique your table. I spent so much time doing mock set-ups, creating pricing signs, decorating, tweaking - I was way too close to see it independently. I had my best friend take a look and the first thing he said was "WHOA, way too much going on". And he was right. Which leads me to...

- EDIT: I ended up removing a lot of things. You'll be tempted to display everything and make a billion signs, but if you have too much, you might as well have nothing. The eye needs negative space to rest, or it'll be too much to take in.

- CLEAR SIGNAGE: Have clear signs that indicate price and payment options. If people have to ask about prices or whether you accept credit cards, it's just one more barrier to them deciding to purchase.

- ENTERTAINMENT: People like to be entertained! I had an iPad playing close-up videos of my calligraphy process. And, once I started doing live calligraphy right at my booth, people definitely stopped to watch.