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CALLIGRA-TIP: The Best Way to Clean New Nibs

Cleaning-Calligraphy-Nibs by Crooked Calligraphy.jpg

If you're new to calligraphy, you've probably heard that brand new nibs come with a manufacturing coating on them to prevent rusting. So you have to clean that stuff off or the ink won't flow properly from the nib. But HOW?

I learned the fire method first, then promptly burned my fingers doing it wrong...

Then, I moved on to soap and water but when prepping two dozen nibs for a workshop... that gets tedious fast.

Then, I saw an Instagram post using a POTATO of all things to clean nibs...

Dude, there are SO many different ways you can clean a nib. Which one's right for you? Here's a few pictures to help you sort it all out!


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