Set the tone for your celebration with custom, hand-drawn modern calligraphy! My goal is to give you beautiful lettering in an organized, timely, professional manner. Let's work together to make your unique vision come to life, with as little stress for you as possible!




Tier 1




Let's give your event or celebration that extra special, bespoke touch! Client must provide paper stock which is suitable for pointed pen calligraphy (no glossy or slick paper). Prices below do not include postage.

Envelope Addressing:

$3.50 (Tier 1) or $4.00 (Tier 2) for an envelope with up to two full names written in pointed pen calligraphy and address written in block text
$1.00 extra for address written in pointed pen calligraphy
$2.00 for an inner envelope with up to two full names written in pointed pen calligraphy
$0.25 extra per envelope for colored or metallic inks

Escort or Place Cards:

$2 per card for name-and-seating-assignment escort cards
$1.50 per card for name-only place cards or to add a name to a menu
$0.20 extra per card for colored or metallic inks

Other Lettering*:

$250 for a digital file containing the couple's full names plus 3-4 other words written in calligraphy (i.e. RSVP, Reception to Follow, Dancing, Venue)
$150 for a digital file with a custom designed monogram with two letters and simple decorative elements
$150 for a digital file with the couple's full names written in calligraphy ($75 to add a simple monogram in the same style used for the couple's full names)

*After a style consultation, I provide three different sketches of your names or monograms for you to choose from. Additional rounds of sketches are $50. Once you select your favorite, you get one round of revisions to tweak your design so it's perfect. Then, I do careful digital clean-up and provide high resolution JPEG and PNG files.

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