POSITION: Virtual Assistant for Creative Online Course & Content Creator


I’m, Shinah - a solopreneur growing my modern calligraphy online education business. My mission is to help people get past the negative bullshit blocking their creativity and have fun pursuing their calligraphy dreams. (Oh, and I write a lot of curse words in calligraphy, so if that delights you, then great! You’re my people.)

I’m a former corporate lawyer who quit six years ago with no backup plan in place. I used to work 80+ hours a week making rich companies richer. And now, I work from home with my two pups and I try my best to shut off my computer by 5pm every day. I rarely work on weekends. 

My strengths lie in design, writing, content creation and big ideas. I can be very detail-oriented when I need to be, but my natural state is more flow-y and disorganized. I am NOT very data-driven and I am not great at putting together systems for my business.

I’m in my 4th year of business and growing rapidly. I’m looking for a strategic problem-solver who likes to organize and put processes in place and analyze numbers to see what is working. I would ideally like to find my right-hand person, someone who can come up with their own great ideas on how to make my business better. Not just someone to do routine tasks all day. This position will start part-time and grow steadily in terms of hours and responsibilities.

I’m also a natural teacher. So I’m happy to share my calligraphy and business knowledge with you if that is something you are interested in. 


My ideal candidate is someone who has a good grasp of technology and systems, especially those used by online course creators. Someone who is familiar with funnels, launches and email marketing. But also someone who has an eye for design and can put together simple lead magnets, landing pages, promotional graphics  and pins for Pinterest.

Because I used to work such a demanding job, I value freedom and working efficiently so you can enjoy your time off. I also value clear, honest communication and growth. I am proactive, thorough, and efficient and I work best with quick learners who can function independently. I will not be looking over your shoulder and chatting with you all day. Instead, I would like to get to a place where I can just hand off projects to you and trust that you will run with them and execute them to high standards.

You must be familiar with the platforms and software that I use:

  • ConvertKit

  • Squarespace

  • Teachable

  • DeadlineFunnel

  • Leadpages

  • EasyWebinar

  • Pinterest

  • Facebook Groups

You must also:

  • Be able to work proactively and independently

  • Be organized and detail oriented (in fact, if you’re reading this, include the word “leapfrog” somewhere in your application, ok?)

  • Enjoy optimizing using systems, processes, software, etc. 

  • Enjoy analyzing numbers and data. (i.e. spreadsheets really float your boat)

  • Be willing to learn new platforms and come up with ways to do things better

  • Be looking for responsibility and GROWTH in this position

The ideal candidate will also have the following skills:

  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop (basic photo editing, masking, background blurring, touching-up, etc.) to create blog photos, YouTube video thumbnails, and promotional graphics

  • Basic video editing to create YouTube videos (simple cuts, add transitions, captions, music and sound effects)

  • A good design eye and the ability to create simple but effective landing pages, lead magnets and Pinterest pins

This position is NOT for you if:

  • You like being micromanaged

  • You want to chat with me all day

  • You ask questions BEFORE googling or doing some basic research

  • You sit and twiddle your thumbs if I have not given you enough tasks to fill your time

  • You make the same mistakes multiple times

  • You just want to learn how to start your own creative business, but have no interest in tech, logistics, systems or spreadsheets.


  • To start, about one hour a day every weekday. (Approximately 20 hours/month). With room to grow as my business expands.  

  • We’ll start with a 30-day trial period, to ensure we are a great fit.

  • I’ll be taking applications until July 24, 2019. Interviews will be conducted from July 25-31, 2019. I hope to have the role filled by August 1, 2019.


  • Completely remote, so you can work from home in your pajamas

  • Flexible. As long as you check in once daily, and get back to certain customer emails within a reasonable timeframe, you can complete tasks on your own schedule.

  • If you have most of the skills I’m looking for, but need to learn more about one or two of them, I’m willing to purchase a course to help train you.

  • Me! I have high standards, but I communicate them clearly. I’m reasonable and tend to approach things logically, which makes me easy to work with. (Absolutely no diva antics around here.)


  • $20/hr and up depending on experience

Below is a list of detailed tasks that I need help with:


  • Respond to student inquiries related to tech and logistics

  • Check for and handle failed payments 

  • Test and assess funnel stats weekly

  • Set-up bi-monthly Live Q&A Sessions in Zoom, schedule reminder emails for students

  • After each Live Q&A Session, go through the video and add timestamps, then upload the video as a new lesson in the course website

  • Review online course survey responses every two weeks and give me the highlights


  • Weekly blog posts: Edit photos and put together weekly blog post using my copy, optimize for SEO and schedule

  • YouTube Videos: Edit, upload, optimize and schedule 

  • Pinterest: Create graphics using photos from my websites, schedule and optimize pins

  • Calligraphy Freebies & Worksheets: Design front cover, inside cover & headers. Compile PDFs.

  • Lead Magnets: Design and compile PDFs, Set up leadpage, Link to ConvertKit


  • Organize my inbox & set up autoresponders

  • Organize and optimize my ConvertKit tags, forms, sequences, and automations

  • Re-Brand of my signature online course

  • Website overhaul: add shopping cart, re-design & optimize