If you're in the Los Angeles area, check out my schedule of live calligraphy workshops!

In these three hour workshops, you'll get a complete, curated beginner calligraphy kit. Then, we'll learn all about the basic tools and proper techniques of modern pointed pen calligraphy. 



If you've been wanting to learn Modern Calligraphy, I've created an online course JUST FOR YOU!

My 6-week course will walk you through everything you need to start creating beautiful letters - choosing the right tools, basic strokes, two different alphabets, styling tips & tricks, and how to create that fun "bouncy" look that you see everywhere these days!

What sets my course apart are the in-depth, guided WORKSHEETS and EXERCISES that keep you coming back to the pen feeling inspired and ready to practice! I don't just want to dump some videos on you and leave you feeling frustrated and guilty when you run into trouble or just want to give up.

I want to make this a FUN, GUIDED, INSPIRED journey, with substantive, specific feedback so that you gain a new skill and passion (or hey, even career) for LIFE!


= Registration WILL OPEN AGAIN IN APRIL 2018 =

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