Upcoming Workshops:


INTRO TO Modern, POINTED-PEN Calligraphy

Join me for this 3-hour, comprehensive introduction to modern, pointed-pen calligraphy!

Each student will receive a carefully curated calligraphy tool kit including:

  • Oblique pen holder with a brass flange

  • 2 nibs

  • 2 oz. glass bottle of sumi ink

  • Practice paper

  • Calligraphy guideline sheet

  • Guided, traceable worksheets for fool-proof practice

  • Instructional guidebook written with alphabets, styling inspiration, tips, and tricks

Join in for a fun, engaging workshop and get lost in creative learning for a few hours. You'll not only walk away with a new skill you can use for life, but meet other creatives as well! 

WHEN: Sunday, August 4, 2019 from 11am-2pm

WHERE: 777 South Alameda Street, Building 2, Space 168 Los Angeles, CA 90021


Feedback from workshop students:

"I've always wanted to learn calligraphy, but was intimidated. Shinah's instruction is super helpful and the vibe of her workshop was super relaxed. And by the end I could actually write whole words!" - Amy L.

"This class was very inspiring! A great beginner's overview - I'm hooked!" - Carolyn B.

"Fun, Informative, Inspiring, Addictive!" - Kim A.

"Such positive energy. Loved the class!" - Mai T.

"Shinah made learning this so easy and has gotten me off to a great start. I feel confident to start practicing now on my own." - Yvette B.

If anyone is reading this is on the fence...take the class. Shinah is freaking amazing! The supplies are worth every penny and then you get HER instructing you in an incredible artform! - Denise

"Shinah is kind and patient, and she gives very easy to follow instruction! I will definitely be keeping up with her!" - Nicole V.

"Shinah makes this art form exciting and modern. Plus you get to walk away with new skills and even tools to practice on your own!" - Erika G.

"My first calligraphy class was 50 years ago - this was one of the best!" - Michelene L.

"Shinah was amazing at teaching us her calligraphy style. Coming from someone who has no creativity, she really made me feel comfortable in my calligraphy practice! :) - Christine N.

You can tell how much Shinah loves calligraphy and loves sharing this love with others - she's so easy to learn from! - Katrina L.

"I am crazy inspired by this class! So excited to see my progress!" - Erica

"Amazing! I have literally no penmanship skills and by the end of the class I was loving the writing!" - Sussex J.