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CROOKED BUSINESS: Dealing with NEGATIVITY on social media

Let yourself be flawed modern pointed pen calligraphy

Last week, I created a video to post on Instagram. 

I worked on it for awhile and I was pretty proud of it. It was different and creative and sent a message that TRULY resonates with me.

Then, a few hours later, I got this super-constructive (*insert heavy sarcasm*) comment:

One of my early greeting card designs - sadly no longer sold

Normally, the calligraphy community on Instagram is incredibly kind and supportive. I RARELY get negative comments. So when I saw this, my brain went "WHOA! RAISE THE DEFENSES, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!"

But a few seconds later, I calmed the *F* down and actually thought about this person. Of all the millions of things they could do with their time, why were they choosing to leave random comments like this? What kind of day were they having? Did they think they were helping the world out with their brutal but un-helpful honesty? 

And then... something kinda magical happened. A lovely follower of mine commented back, in a way that totally disarmed this person.

The more I think about it, the more I like this idea. Thinking of mean commenters as "negativity bots" is actually pretty accurate. If someone is just scrolling through their Instagram, looking to leave quick, tear-down comments... then isn't it true that they're programmed for negativity? For me, thinking of these people as "bots" takes away their power. 

Now, if someone takes the time to leave me a thoughtful, constructive comment that happens to be negative... that's a different story. That person is actually trying to express their opinion and engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas. I welcome that kind of criticism. 

But if someone just feels compelled to let me know that my work sucks.... well, they don't deserve my energy. 

So thanks @mellowcandyart, for having my back. And for giving me an unexpected way to deal with the negativity that is certain to come my way. 

Because, trust me, if you're putting yourself out there and being vulnerable, you WILL get some shit for it. It means you're doing something right. 

Just don't let the "negativity bots" stop you, ok?




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