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DIY: Calligraphy Phone Case

DIY Calligraphy Phone Case (Crooked Calligraphy)

Hi guys! Today I'm sharing an easy DIY that lets you use your mad pointed-nib calligraphy skills to add some personal flair to your phone case.

It's super simple, but here are some tips:

  • Make sure you wipe the cellophane with rubbing alcohol - if any oils from your fingers are on it, the calligraphy ink won't adhere properly.

  • Let the ink dry completely once you've written on the cellophane. This will take a little longer than with regular porous paper.

  • Once dry, handle the cellophane carefully or the ink will start to flake off. Once it's under your phone case, it'll be safe and snug.

I also recorded a little video of me writing with my pointed-nib calligraphy pen on the cellophane so make sure to scroll down to see that! Enjoy!

And here's a little video so you can see how I wrote lightly with my calligraphy pen onto the cellophane, then went back in to fill in the thicker strokes and swells.



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